Hyperion 11.2.4 – Intermittent ADF Errors

Hello Experts,

I hope everyone is doing great in this pandemic time and taking care of themselves and others. It’s been a couple of years; I posted my last post. 

I recently got a chance to extend my hands into Hyperion 11.2.4 version. I thought some of the identifiers might help you complete the Installation and Configuration of the Product smoothly.

After installation and configuration, some of you might have received intermittent errors related to ADF, for example:

ADF_FACES-60096:Server Exception during PPR

ADF_FACES_60097:For more information,  please see the server’s error log for an entry

I am confident you have followed Doc ID 2359855.1 from Oracle Support. If you are facing these errors even after following this document, here is the solution for you.

Apply Patch# Patch 32588679 ADF BUNDLE PATCH


Doc ID 2659387.1 for ADF Patches

I would recommend applying this patch to all servers > Restart All Servers, which would update every product in the environment and remove all ADF Errors.


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