Hyperion FDMEE 11.2.4 – FDMEE Check Report Email Attachment


It’s been a while since I posted new content on my blog. Well, let’s get to my recent findings.
It seems like Oracle degraded/removed certain functionality in Python that comes with Hyperion 11.2.4 Version. In the past, I posted this blog; the same functionality doesn’t work now as MIMEApplication is not part of the package.

I had to re-do the code and fix certain content. Here is the code snippet for your reference.


If you have any query, or suggestions drop me a comment to hfm.trainer@gmail.com

# FDMEE Email Alert with PDF Attached for Check Error
# Purpose: To notify user(s) if there is a failure of Check Rule to Any Location in
# FDMEE with respective PDF file attached to email for quick action. 
#Author: Satyanadh Kolluri (www.satyanadh.in)
#          Oracle Knowledge Documents
#Change Tracker:
#Ticket# Date Change Description
#======= ========== ==============================================================

#Global Import
import com.hyperion.aif.scripting.API as API
import smtplib
import os
import time from email.MIMEMultipart import MIMEMultipart from email.Encoders import encode_base64 from email.MIMEText import MIMEText #FDMEE Convert to Variable sTargetAppName = fdmContext["TARGETAPPNAME"] fdmProcessID = fdmContext["LOADID"] sRuleName = fdmContext["RULENAME"] sLocName = fdmContext["LOCNAME"] sPeriod = fdmContext["PERIODNAME"] sSource = fdmContext["SOURCENAME"] #FDMEE Process ID Details ProcessID = fdmAPI.getBatchJobDetails(fdmProcessID) status = fdmAPI.getProcessStates(fdmProcessID) expStatus = str(status["EXPSTATUS"]) chkStatus = str(status["CHKSTATUS"]) statusmsg = fdmAPI.getCustomMessage(fdmProcessID) #Email Output Preparation global sBatchDetails, sBatchDetails1, sBatchDetails2, sBatchDetails3, sBatchDetails4, sBatchDetails5, sBatchDetails6, sBatchDetails7,  sBatchDetails8, sBatchDetails9, sBatchDetails10 if str(status["EXPSTATUS"]) == "1" and str(status["CHKSTATUS"]) == "0":     try:         sBatchDetails = "============================================================= \n"         sBatchDetails1 = "Location Name : %s \n" % sLocName         sBatchDetails2 = "Period : %s \n" % sPeriod         sBatchDetails3 = "Process ID : %s \n" % fdmProcessID         sBatchDetails4 = "Rule Executed : %s \n" % sRuleName         sBatchDetails5 = "Data Source %s \n" % sSource         sBatchDetails6 = "\n"         sBatchDetails7 = "Status : Check Failed.\n"         sBatchDetails8 = "\n"         sBatchDetails9 = "%s \n" % mResults         sBatchDetails10 = "============================================================= \n"         #Send Email         #Subject         mail_subject = "DEV - FDMEE Check Failed for %s" % (sLocName)         #Sender [Enter your Sender Email Address]         mail_sender = "Hyperion_FDMEE@satyanadh.in"         #To List  [Enter your To List under section mail_to, CC List under mail_cc, if by Application Specific modify Application name else remove elif string]         if str(sTargetAppName) == "HFMMGMT":             mail_to = ['hyperion@satyanadh.in']             mail_cc = ['XXX@YYY.com', 'XXXGroup@yyy.com']         elif str(sTargetAppName) == "HFMLGL":             mail_to = ['hyperion@satyanadh.in']             mail_cc = ['XXX@YYY.com', 'XXXGroup@yyy.com']         #Body         mail_txt = "Hi, \n DEV - FDMEE Load Status: %s\n%s\n%s\n%s\n%s\n%s\n%s\n%s\n%s\n%s\n%s\n \n Regards, \n Hyperion Administrator" %(sBatchDetails, sBatchDetails1, sBatchDetails2, sBatchDetails3, sBatchDetails4, sBatchDetails5, sBatchDetails6, sBatchDetails7, sBatchDetails8, sBatchDetails9, sBatchDetails10)         mail_html = """\         <html>         <head></head>         <body>         <pr>Hi,<br>         Please find below the status for Data Load from DEV Instance <br>         %s <br>         %s <br>         %s <br>         %s <br>         %s <br>         %s <br>         %s <br>         %s <br>         %s <br>         %s <br>         %s <br>         <br>         Regards,<br>         Hyperion Admin <br>         <br>         <br>         Note: This is an Auto Generated Email, please do not reply to this email id.         </p>         </body>         </html>         """ % (sBatchDetails, sBatchDetails1, sBatchDetails2, sBatchDetails3, sBatchDetails4, sBatchDetails5, sBatchDetails6, sBatchDetails7, sBatchDetails8, sBatchDetails9, sBatchDetails10)         #Mail Consolidate         #MIMEMultipart changed from alternative to mixed, this helps in displaying the email output in iPhone / Android in readable format         mail = MIMEMultipart('mixed')         mail['Subject'] = mail_subject         mail['FROM']=mail_sender         mail['To']=", ".join(mail_to)         mail_p2=MIMEText(mail_html, 'html', 'utf-8')         #mail.attach(mail_p1)         mail.attach(mail_p2)
             #Attachment         os.chdir("D:\Oracle\Middleware\user_projects\HFM1\FDMEE\outbox\reports")         LogFile = "%s.pdf" % (fdmProcessID)         fLog = open(LogFile, "rb") #Ensures PDF File is not coming as Blank part = MIMEApplication(fLog.read(), 'pdf')         fLog.close()         part.add_header('Content-Disposition', 'attachment; filename="%s"' % LogFile)         mail.attach(part)         #Connection to SMTP         #Enter SMTP Server Details, In case your server do require authentication modify authentication parameter below and uncomment         s = smtplib.SMTP("mail.satyanadh.in:25")         s.sendmail(mail_sender, mail_to+mail_cc, mail.as_string())         s.quit()     except e:         print str(e)


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