HFR Dynamic Period – Conditional Formatting

I was going through the link to utilize Conditional formatting features to enable Dynamically populate the Report with Previous Quarter last period appear based on Current Period. Link from Oracle had a typo, which took a while as it’s misleading the step to enable Conditional Formatting.


Using MS Excel our requirement would have been simpler, utilizing “IF” condition to check required cell value and post intended result. As the old saying of FR quoted by someone, “if you can do it in Excel, we can deliver it in FR which would be more dynamic in nature“.


However the requirement below isn’t pretty much straight forward to enable this feature in Hyperion Financial Reporting. As we have a product limitation to enable such method which could dynamically alter the Member Name, same would be easier in MS Excel with Single Column but not in FR.


Excel / FR Expected Report Format:
1. User should have the flexibility to pick Month
2. Next Column should display prior Quarter Last Month of the same year
3. User also should get a visibility of Prior Year Last Month (Dec)

from Oracle document provided this table which is confusing, as the per the Table Formula based suppression ‘IS’ possible for Data Row / Column.

Wrong Version:

Correct Version: ONLY Data based suppression is possible for any type of Row / Column. Formula based suppression is feasible only for Text based Row / Column.


After re-visiting the above table, we could identify the solution for the above requirement by adding 3 additional columns into one report to get the desired output.


To make it simpler, here is the solution:

Report Design Format:

Enable Conditional Formatting for Column(s) B, C and D as below:


In Report Design, we could see Column(s) B, C and D are enabled to validate Period Offset’s up to -3 to facilitate the below methods, as per the HFM Period Hierarchy.



If User choose month Aug, Next Column will display “Jun”.
If User choose month Jun, Next Column will display “Mar”.


HFM Period Dimension:



I hope this helps in using the Conditional Formatting for the Period dimension in easier mode.


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