HFM Roles by Task Audit Sync

Dear HFM Experts,

As and when we hear about Audit, we often feel relaxed as our tool is very well designed to meet all the reporting needs par SOX 404, 302, COSO, COBIT and ITGI. During this process, we often hear a new model from our internal controls for our well going Application. I tend to brag into same situation now and looking forward for expert advice.

From our HFM Admin guide, all the Roles and Description were well documented. I am trying to sync these roles by Audit Task (my versionHFM_Roles by Tasks) after doing some testing in edition.

  • From Audit Task list, I am unable to find these tasks in either of the processes execution. Can you help in commenting this info and let me know which task will create an entry in Task Audit, please.
Auto Match by Account
Auto Match by ID
Create Transactions
Delete All Transactions
Delete Transactions
Document attachments
Document detachments
Edit Transactions
Extended Analytics Export
Intercompany Transaction Report
Lock/Unlock IC Entities
Manage Intercompany Transaction Periods
Manage Reason Codes
Member List Extract
Modify Application
On Demand Rules
Post All Transactions
Task Audit Purged
Transactions Scan
Unmatch All Transactions
Unpost All Transactions
  • From HFM Roles list, I am not able to trace back how to provide the Audit info for the User activity with below granted roles:
Approve Journals
Journals Administrator
Review Supervisor
Reviewer 1 through Reviewer 10
Lock Data (I know there is a bug)
Unlock Data
(I know there is a bug)
Manage Data Entry Forms
Save System Report On Server
Inter-Company Transaction Match Template
Manage Custom Documents
Read Journals

Look forward for sharing of this knowledge.


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